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Ordering a hand-built guitar is an interesting experience ... for both of us.

To begin with you may want more information from me or have questions before you can begin organizing your thoughts. Please don't hesitate to e-mail or place a telephone call in the evening to (719) 599-8761. This is not a bother and I usually spend time each day with my clients and find it an enjoyable process.

It is helpful if you have a sound picture in your mind and have thought about how you might use the guitar. If you have favorite-recorded sounds, you might jot those down to mention to me. If you are fond of guitars you have played or heard, that is good information as well and you may have found one of my guitar designs that seems to be right for you. These steps help us to refine your vision for the guitar. We will want to have a discussion of woods appropriate for your instrument. I often have special reserve tonewoods that I can make you aware of also.

At some point you may decide to order one of my guitars. I require a $200 non-refundable deposit to place you on my reserve list and I will give you an estimate of delivery at that time. As my list has grown, I have learned that time of completion is a variable thing. Each guitar can present unusual requirements for time and attention ... perhaps even yours. My value to you is in giving that time when required and taking care to produce a special handcrafted guitar that will return pleasure for generations. I will keep you advised periodically as to news of my guitars and schedule status.

First decide on which model you wish to have: Your choices are:

  1. The Conservatory, master grade woods in a value priced concert classical.
  2. The Grand Legacy, The Double Top guitar in proprietary bracing.
  3. The Concert Grand in Kasha bracing and offset soundhole.
  4. The Quattro, a powerful and lush instrument with Double Top, Back and Sides.
  5. The American Model, crafted with only North American woods.
  6. The Spanish Guitar, the Torres/Hauser guitar.
  7. The Santos Flamenco in traditional bracing.
  8. The Woodsong, our steel string guitar.

Next decide on wood options.

Select the rosette you favor - Spirit Path, Art Nouveau, Front Range or Traditional.

Elevated necks are available only on the Concert Grand. All other models are available with the conventional neck only.

Decide on the highly recommended acoustic port.

Once we have concluded our fundamental design decisions, I will then write up a shop order specifying all of the remaining detail choices to be made and you will receive an email draft copy. You then edit this and send it back to me. This is the guide I use during final selection of wood and features in your guitar, so be sure to help make careful notes. I typically communicate just before and during the construction to make sure you get what you want. Also, you can change anything about the guitar, including design type and woods selection right up until when I am in the building phase.

I will pay shipping within the continental United States. If the instrument needs to be returned for warranty work, I will pay the shipping.

I guarantee the workmanship and materials in my guitars for my working life as a Luthier. Damage caused by normal playing or low humidity is the owner's responsibility but this can only be assessed in dialog with me and/or a physical inspection. It is my job to resolve these situations with as little pain as possible for both of us. In these cases, we both have to work from a position of trust.

Once you are on the waiting list, I know that communications are still needed from time to time for more questions or advise about the progress of my work. I will periodically send updates or issues newsletters on this site. Please don't hesitate to email me as communications are needed.

What do you receive with your guitar?

  • An excellent double-arched hard-shell case with custom padding.
  • An Ownership Certificate giving the description of your instrument and specifying the guarantee of workmanship for my lifetime as a working Luthier.
  • Photos for your files and insurance purposes.
  • A case humidifier.
  • An accurate hygrometer so you know about humidity without guessing.
  • Extra string set.
  • Annual free check-ups to you as the original owner. (shipping at your expense)