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I offer choice and my standard models as presented seem to make the most sense to me ... but you may have special ideas and my goal is to accommodate them if possible. Since I offer several guitars, I like to keep the options fairly simple. I have chosen to not charge extra for a number of choices that you may pay more for elsewhere. I think this makes my price very economical in comparison.

I ship insured Fed-Ex Ground early in the week to avoid having the instrument sit over a week-end in shipment. I pay shipment within the continental United States.

Models, options and wood selections are listed below. Many choices are at no extra charge.


My standard instruments are offered in dark, master grade East Indian Rosewood and your choice of any soundboard wood, French Polished soundboard, Gotoh Tuners with Ivoroid buttons, bone nut and saddle. A very high quaility Ameritage case is also standard, with built in hygrometer and humidifier. An ownership certificate/guarantee is included.



Grand Legacy, Concert Grand, American Concert, Woodsong. Homage: ‘37 Hauser, Santos Flamenco, Torres.


Quattro (Double Top, Double Back, Double Sides, Tunable Acoustic Port, Calton case.)



Double Top: (ex. Conservatory)
The Double Top soundboard allows the guitar to be more powerful while broadening the tonal palette achieving deeper basses and colorful trebles. For the player this becomes apparent when evaluating it with a conventional guitar in side by side listening comparisons. The differences are immediately apparent in favor of the Double Top and I have yet to find a player who wouldn't agree.


Acoustic Port:
I recommend this option as it seems to broaden the tonal range of the instrument. The design comes from Native American art and is hundreds of years old, it takes a fair amount of handwork to carve into the reinforced upper bout. I recognize that not everyone wishes to have the Acoustic Port with their guitar and so I make this optional for a reasonable charge.


Neck Designs:
I use a conventional neck or a low profile elevated neck available your choice at no extra charge. I supply my 650mm scale necks at a standard 52mm wide at the first fret on the fingerboard. The thickness is 21mm at the first fret and 23mm at the ninth fret. The shape has been refined over many guitars and is what I would describe as low oval in configuration. The fingerboard is essentially flat with a mild progressive radius as it nears the soundhole. The fret tangs are nipped on the treble side so that they will never stick out from the fingerboard. I typically use a 43mm string spacing with a 4.5mm land area on the outside of the treble “E” string. 630mm and 640mm scales are available.

These shapes and dimensions are well proven over many clients and they represent contemporary preferences of evolved players. I would strongly recommend that you go with the standard for both playability and resale reasons, but if you have absolute must have requirements, I will certainly work with you.


Rosettes: (click to see rosette gallery)

  • The Spirit Path - Native American design.
  • The Art Nouveau - a striking contemporary design in Burled woods.
  • The Front Range - Grain of Wheat Purflings and Burl.


I use Ebony, Rosewood or Curly Koa bindings depending on the body woods chosen. All purflings are mitered in the tradition unless the wood requires otherwise. See various examples in the models section.



Gotohs: A good quality tuner, standard with all Reynolds Guitars.


Gilbert: Designed by John Gilbert and engineered to extremely high standards.


David Rodgers: The highest quality tuners custom made to order. Note that the endplate matches the Reynolds peghead shape.



Ameritage: A high quality custom designed double arched case with extra padding, grey exterior and dark blue interior. This is not an entry level case as sold with most guitars - a $300 value.


Calton, Hoffee, Bam, or Karura flight cases: Custom made to match my standard and elevated neck models (as on the Concert Grand model). These cases offer excellent protection during airline travel and humidity changes as well.

$525 to $800

My standard guitar features French Polish in shellac at no extra charge. I use a Special Kusmi seedlac shellac which is the hardest, most durable that I have found. Shellac is somewhat fragile during the early years but continues to build toughness and will outlast any other finish. Because of the French Polish application method the finish is very thin and therefore acoustically transparent. There ... take a deep breath there are no more options!



For an in depth description of tonewoods and how they contribute to my guitars, please see the tonewood section.

I offer these soundboard woods all in properly seasoned Master Grade:

  • European Spruce. (preferred) from Switzerland, Germany or Italy.
  • Engelmann Spruce.
  • Colorado Blue Spruce.
  • Western Red Cedar.
  • Old Growth Redwood. (Salvaged from the timbers of old Fort Ross built in the early 1800‘s)


Back and Side Tonewoods:

East Indian Rosewood: Dark, master grade is standard with all Reynolds Guitars.

Cocobolo Rosewood: I highly recommend Cocobolo as a direct replacement for Brazilian Rosewood. It is available in high quality with beautiful figure.

Brazilian Rosewood: A fabulous tonewood and I carry a substantial quantity of dark, old growth wood. I can send pictures to help with decision-making. (yes, I think the good Brazilian is worth it)

Alternative Woods: I have a variety of alternative woods in stock. Please inquire.