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Hello and thanks for visiting my website. After 22 years in classical guitar luthiery I am announcing my retirement effective as of January 1, 2019. I am in reasonable health at 76 years old having more or less survived the typical aches and pains of people my age. I am now ready to move along to a new career as a watercolor artist although I am unlikely to enjoy the same experiences I have enjoyed as a luthier. iaomc

I have completed all of my custom orders and may have some inventory that could come available as completed guitars. Please email me through this website or keep and eye on the inventory section if you have any interest in acquiring one of my last guitars.

In my time I have met and worked with a very interesting group of clients, fellow luthiers and people involved in the woodworking supply business. I took a chance on developing my double top design and that has worked out very well for me and I hope for all the clients who put their faith in this new idea. Today there are a great number of makers who specialize in this type of guitar and I believe the concept has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

I want to thank Don Musser, Gernot Wagner and Andy Bennett who have helped me to make better instruments as well as to be my friends. Of course there are so many others I have enjoyed being associated with not to mention all the marvelous music that has been played in my studio. Guitarists I have learned so much from include Dale Miller, Phil Volan, Sharon Isbin, KJ Braithwaite, Jonathan Leathwood and Jim Bosse as well as the entire Morelli family and the Colorado Springs Guitar Society. That is a lot of people who can take a portion of credit for any success I might have had!

So officially my warranty responsibility has come to an end however if you have purchased a guitar within the previous year of this announcement I will support you. Additionally, I may be available for French Polishing although at a fee. For all my longstanding clients I would recommend contacting Andy Bennett here in Colorado. Andy has worked with me in my shop for 12 years and is a very competent luthier. If you are in the east feel free to contact Filippo Morelli in Virginia. Filippo is also an experienced luthier and owns several of my guitars and is more than familiar with my design concepts.

Thank you,


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