Maple is available in a variety of figure and it is an excellent tonewood. One seldom sees Maple because it is not a dark wood and by definition, classical guitars have to be dark ... right? Well, many makers like this wood and it was used often by Antonio de Torres. I have European Maple that has an ivory color and very tight curl, it makes a very beautiful and appealing guitar. A guitar made of this wood by the famous luthier Jeffery Elliott performed exceptionally well during a recent listening comparison test at a Luthiers convention with guitars from 30 other makers. I also like Birdseye Maple and have a small inventory of it. How does Maple sound? It is very neutral and allows the top wood to bring out its own sound. It is very capable of brilliance and less capable of warmth until it plays in. It is best with spruce as the color with cedar doesn't usually match well in my opinion.