The Spirit Path Rosette

The design of this rosette is taken after Native American concepts used in Pueblo Indian pottery. The Hopi, Navajo and in particular, the Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian artists believed that each vessel contained a resonance. This was caused by spirits who entered and left the pot at will and they did so through a "Spirit Path" represented by a clear path or broken solid lines. To completely encircle the opening with a solid painted line closed the Spirit Path and prevented the desirable resonance from occurring. Thus, the broken line was often incorporated as part of the design and one can observe the existence of this "Spirit Path" in many native American works through out America's West.

As with the Pueblo Indian Artists, my rosette version seeks to assure that the resonance of this instrument is enhanced by the use of the Spirit Path. I think it works and I am grateful to them for the enlightenment.